Re: Tell Congress To BRING BACK Paper Ballots

From: Michelle Gabriel <mwg_at_jmbaai_dot_com>
Date: Fri Feb 23 2007 - 17:32:29 CST

I tried to write to the Peace Team before and got no where with them. I
hope what you wrote helps.
I did not know that Holt is not allowing any amendments or revisions - I
had not heard that before.
Can you send me a reference for that?

Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:

> As a member of the Open Voting Consortium I must inform you that we have serious problems with HR811. Please contact the president of our organization for more information. More specifically, the author of the bill is not allowing any amendments or revisions. Despite the repeatedly demonstrated need for it, there is no actual scientific audit required in the bill. Finally, local authority for running elections is removed and placed in the hands of a small group called the EAC. These are appointed by the president and answer only to him. Again, I must ask you to please stop advocating for this extremely flawed bill which just possibly could make things worse! Senator Feinstein of California is supposed to be putting forward something a lot better and is normally open to amendments.
>Thanks, Edmund R. Kennedy
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