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Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 11:04:35 CST

One problem with allowing voters to take a pen to a ballot- incompetents
or hooligans can mis-mark Oversight is difficult. . giving the election
officials an excuse for lack of audit reconciliation.


I prefer a front-end ballot printer- Brent Turner



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Most of these attacks could be avoided by having a lot of observers and
firing the election lawyers and using kindergarten teachers instead.

I believe that many if not most people cannot compare two printed ballots
and determine whether or not they are the same.But it would be very unusual
for a person hand-marking a ballot to mark the wrong candidate.

Teresa Hommel

Hamilton Richards wrote:

Having voters mark their ballots by hand is no panacea. For a
comprehensive catalog of all the ways in which hand-marked ballots
can be altered or invalidated (or both) by crooked election
officials, see [1]. The basis for most of these attacks is the
discretion afforded election judges in inferring the voter's intent
from the marked ballot (optical scanning helps, but judges are still
called upon to evaluate ballots rejected by the scanner). Most of
these attacks are foiled by having marked ballots printed by machine.
Additional benefits of machine-printed ballots are the elimination of
the need to print ballots with many different sets of races and
questions, in many different languages, and to store them and
distribute them securely.
Perhaps it should be called the VVMPPB (Voter-Verified Machine
Printed Paper Ballot).
--Ham Richards
1. <>
<>, in particular
the sections under the headings "The Election Judges" and "Rules
Governing Ballot Interpretation".
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VVPB is simply a paper ballot, the official ballot in an election.
At a minimum, there will be handicapped voters using touch screens
to generate ballots, which will then be fed through precinct
scanners. Precinct scanners are by far the most popular means of
voting in the US and, except for handicapped voters, all ballots
will be marked by the voter's own hand. Using ballot markers for
non-handicapped voters is expensive, redundant, and rare. I agree
with Phil that in almost all instances the ballot should be marked
directly by the voter.

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