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from the blog: "The beauty of this scheme is that it is totally
objective; anyone can execute the algorithm, which is not a secret.
Because the solution is unique, the politicians have no wriggle room at
all to bias the outcome in any way. There is no need for a state to hire
experts since the partitioning program can be run by state civil service
employees. The various political parties can also run their own copies
to ensure that there is no trickery."

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From: Stephen Unger <unger@cs.columbia.edu>
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Subject: Redistricting: Problem and Proposed Solution

Redistricting is a perennial (used to be every decade, but now
cropping up more often) problem that significantly distorts the
political arena. For example, there are a number of states where,
despite having received many fewer total votes in elections for the
the Republicans have won most of the seats as a result of
gerrymandering. (Of course BOTH parties have done this sort of thing
for two centuries.)

Setting rules for redistricting is very difficult, even in
principle. But there is a very nice mathematical solution that is
inherently neutral,leaving no room for manipulation.

I have just posted an article describing the problem and solution on my
blog at:

(An earlier posting on the blog is a somewhat revised version of my
e-voting article.)


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