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> I believe that many if not most people cannot compare two printed ballots
> and determine whether or not they are the same.But it would be very unusual
> for a person hand-marking a ballot to mark the wrong candidate.

- like the thousands who hand-marked paper ballots for Buchannan
in Florida in 2000?

- Then there's the case in San Diego, where the write-in
candidate for mayor would have won, except that thousands
failed to check the box next to her written-in name. You
can blame this on stupid rules, but that mistake does not
happen with a properly programmed computer.

- Then, there are those of us for whom a larger font
on a computer screen is easier to read. Some cannot
read at all, and need some kind of audio component to
assist them.

The voters should have options for hand marking or
computer-assisting. And there should always be plenty of
paper ballots available should the computers fail.


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