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From: Teresa Hommel <tahommel_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 15:35:30 CST

Most of these attacks could be avoided by having a lot of observers and
firing the election lawyers and using kindergarten teachers instead.

I believe that many if not most people cannot compare two printed
ballots and determine whether or not they are the same.But it would be
very unusual for a person hand-marking a ballot to mark the wrong

Teresa Hommel

Hamilton Richards wrote:

>Having voters mark their ballots by hand is no panacea. For a
>comprehensive catalog of all the ways in which hand-marked ballots
>can be altered or invalidated (or both) by crooked election
>officials, see [1]. The basis for most of these attacks is the
>discretion afforded election judges in inferring the voter's intent
>from the marked ballot (optical scanning helps, but judges are still
>called upon to evaluate ballots rejected by the scanner). Most of
>these attacks are foiled by having marked ballots printed by machine.
>Additional benefits of machine-printed ballots are the elimination of
>the need to print ballots with many different sets of races and
>questions, in many different languages, and to store them and
>distribute them securely.
>Perhaps it should be called the VVMPPB (Voter-Verified Machine
>Printed Paper Ballot).
>--Ham Richards
>1. <>, in particular
>the sections under the headings "The Election Judges" and "Rules
>Governing Ballot Interpretation".
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>>VVPB is simply a paper ballot, the official ballot in an election.
>>At a minimum, there will be handicapped voters using touch screens
>>to generate ballots, which will then be fed through precinct
>>scanners. Precinct scanners are by far the most popular means of
>>voting in the US and, except for handicapped voters, all ballots
>>will be marked by the voter's own hand. Using ballot markers for
>>non-handicapped voters is expensive, redundant, and rare. I agree
>>with Phil that in almost all instances the ballot should be marked
>>directly by the voter.
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