Re: Sequoia told "NO"

From: Teresa Hommel <tahommel_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 04:25:11 CST

Could you please send the exact text your technology disclosure provision?

Do you also have a copy or link to the contract as currently under

and a note about where the compromise language is?

Teresa Hommel

Alan Dechert wrote:

>Yesterday, I wrote to the OVC announcements list, "We believe we have
>blocked Sequoia's $12.5 M contract with San Francisco, unless they include
>full public disclosure (no secrets!) in their voting system -- important
>press conference tomorrow." Well, this turned out to be true. We had our
>press conference just before the Budget and Finance meeting in San Francisco
>(local radio and newspaper -- you can probably find a recording on the KGO
>radio site and there should be an article in the SF Examiner tomorrow). At
>the meeting, the Sequoia contract was #9 on the agenda. The Director of
>Elections argued in favor of the contract. They had inserted some
>compromise language in response to our request for full public disclosure --
>too weak; it wasn't our language. It was obvious that there was some strong
>Sequoia campaign to get this accepted.
>During public comments, I guess that over 20 people spoke out against the
>contract unless it had the technology disclosure provision that OVC wrote (I
>drafted the general idea, then OVC counsel Dow Patten finished it). No one
>from the public supported the contract as-is. A few said the contract
>should be rejected in any case (disclosure or not).
>The Chair of the committee, Supervisor Chris Daly, held firm. He said he
>could not approve the contract without strong disclosure language. He asked
>the Sequoia rep, Steven Bennett, to come up and answer a question. Daly
>asked if Sequoia would agree to now insert our language in the contract.
>Bennett said they "would discuss it." Daly gave him another week.
>It's clear that Bennett said what he was authorized to say. I don't think
>he was surprised by the decision especially after hearing such a stream of
>excellent speeches against. Jennifer Hammond of DemocracyAction (our main
>partner in this project) and Brent Turner were outstanding. Actually, all
>the speakers were great.
>We'll see if they agree to it now.
>Alan D.
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