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From: Phil Fry <phil_at_ctcn_dot_net>
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 15:38:40 CST
I don't know the definition of a VVPB, other than a Voter-Verified Paper Ballot. Given the context of the email below, it seems like it is something that could be produced starting with a DRE. But there is no way I know of to be sure the ballot is verified unless the voter fills it out by hand.

The OVC approach produces a ballot that can be hand counted or scanned.  But it doesn't force verification. A voter could take the printed ballot and put it in the stack/box for scanning, or even scan it him/her self without ever verifying the ballot. And in the case where a VVPB is read by an OS device, the voter is not normally (I don't know the OVC plan in detail) given feedback on how the ballot was read by the device. So a second verification step is really called for.


Richard C. Johnson wrote:
So called "paper trails" have a record of having failed in actual use, being defective by design and not liable to fixing.  They are flimsy and totally inappropriate for any archival record.  It is a grave error to see them enshrined in the Holt Bill as a sop to those manufacturers who wish to use them to diffuse legitimate criticism.  VVPAT is not enough; VVPB is what must be required.

-- Dick

John Burik <> wrote:
While Holt II permits voting with paper ballots counted either via optical
scan or by hand, its minimum standards permits DREs with verifiable paper
trails of which at best only 10% will be counted in an audit. Its Sec. 327
permits reliance on machine counts in the presence of clear and convincing
evidence the paper records have been compromised.

I do not support AS WRITTEN.

John, CASE

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>Dear MoveOn member,
> Too many voters are still stuck with paperless electronic voting
> machines?machines
> that are vulnerable to tampering and malfunction.


John Burik MEd, PCC

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