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EAC ... meet my delete key.


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  Elections need to be locally controlled because local people are the electorate and the observers. If elections are controlled by higher units of government, local people will have greater and greater difficulty getting their voices heard. For example, how many congresspeople and staff do you think will read the many emails that we send to repair HR 811? How many local people will be able to get anyone on the phone to listen?

  If you can't have input or success on the local level, where you have local access to officials, you won't have greater success at higher levels of government.


  Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:

    Hello All:

        So, the Holt bill has problems. I am given to understand that California's Senator Feinstein is also working on a bill in the Senate. People can provide input to her on her effort. Also, if both Holt's and Feinstein's bill are passing by their respective legislative, they will probably both end up in a conference committee where the differences will be ironed out. There's plenty of opportunity to clean up the Holt bill. Finally, let's not hyperventilate about Federal Standards on elections. If properly done, they could actually be a good thing. When you have 50 states with each county election official in each state (just for example, California has 50 counties) having differening voting standards, there are plenty of opportunties for adminstrative abuse. A standardized approach, while not perfect, could cut way down on this problem.

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    Your suggested replacement for the Holt bill is well thought out and well reasoned. I would suggest that you not accept the impossibility of testing and retesting voting software; properly done, it does not have to be impossibly expensive, nor does it have to take more than overnight. A set of national standard tests, an automated test harness, and either a reformed ITA or a national test lab could do this job once the costs of creating the lab were met.

    Untested software, last minute fixes, and failures in use are all too familiar to people in the software business. Open Source code, available to the community for test, can help spot and remove a number of problems. Regression testing, properly done, can help keep fixes from making problems worse. A well designed standard set of test routines will go far to exposing bugs (and some chicanery) otherwise visited on the voter. It is a matter of helping the odds, not of achieving the absolute.

    Yet, as I an others have pointed out, we can never prove something works. We can only prove it does not. The test goal is to subject the code to substantial risk of failure under simulated use. Such testing is needed and, as I claim above, it does not have to be impossibly time consuming and expensive.

    -- Dick

    Nancy Tobi <> wrote:

      Here is an alternative to Holt - originally submitted as request for amendments, but now we understand Holt will never amend their bill, so take it as an alternative plan.

      It is a reasoned, practical, fiscally responsible plan.

      Please take note of our proposal to reorganize the EAC in the full document referenced at the URL below.

      Attached is a summary and the Request By Voters itself can be found here:

      You can sign up on


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