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From: Nancy Tobi <ntobi_at_democracyfornewhampshire_dot_com>
Date: Thu Feb 08 2007 - 16:48:43 CST

I agree with you Richard, but we need time to develop these things. But with
HAVA we have jumped in with both feet into a smelly pit and it's really
yukky down here.

Due diligence doesn't seem to be word in the DC lexicon, but maybe we the
people can bring it about.


On 2/8/07, Richard C. Johnson <> wrote:
> Nancy,
> Your suggested replacement for the Holt bill is well thought out and well
> reasoned. I would suggest that you not accept the impossibility of testing
> and retesting voting software; properly done, it does not have to be
> impossibly expensive, nor does it have to take more than overnight. A set
> of national standard tests, an automated test harness, and either a reformed
> ITA or a national test lab could do this job once the costs of creating the
> lab were met.
> Untested software, last minute fixes, and failures in use are all too
> familiar to people in the software business. Open Source code, available to
> the community for test, can help spot and remove a number of problems.
> Regression testing, properly done, can help keep fixes from making problems
> worse. A well designed standard set of test routines will go far to
> exposing bugs (and some chicanery) otherwise visited on the voter. It is a
> matter of helping the odds, not of achieving the absolute.
> Yet, as I an others have pointed out, we can never prove something works.
> We can only prove it does not. The test goal is to subject the code to
> substantial risk of failure under simulated use. Such testing is needed
> and, as I claim above, it does not have to be impossibly time consuming and
> expensive.
> -- Dick
> *Nancy Tobi <>* wrote:
> Here is an alternative to Holt - originally submitted as request for
> amendments, but now we understand Holt will never amend their bill, so take
> it as an alternative plan.
> It is a reasoned, practical, fiscally responsible plan.
> Please take note of our proposal to reorganize the EAC in the full
> document referenced at the URL below.
> Attached is a summary and the Request By Voters itself can be found here:
> You can sign up on
> Nancy
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