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Date: Wed Feb 07 2007 - 13:11:19 CST

First, you can listen to this morning's hearing at the following link:

Consider this action taken by Abbe Delozier, and add your voice as well:

I did it!
 I got the "Request by Voters" submitted for the record to be considered
by the Feinstein hearings. You still have 5 days to submit materials to
be considered. Load them for bear. I suggest all of you submit
information you want considered: Hrusti reports, old lady hack, Leon
County hacks, any and all data and materials.etc etc

(See contact info below)

Abbe Delozier
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*From:* Ambrogi, Adam (Rules) <>
*To:* abbe <>
*Cc:* Price, Natalie (Rules) <> ;
Vickie Karp <>
*Sent:* Wednesday, February 07, 2007 12:16 PM
*Subject:* RE: confirmation-Election hearings info for submission

It will be submitted for consideration in the record. Thank you for
your interest in this issue.


Very truly yours,

Adam Ambrogi



*From:* abbe []
*Sent:* Wednesday, February 07, 2007 1:04 PM
*To:* Ambrogi, Adam (Rules)
*Cc:* Price, Natalie (Rules); Vickie Karp
*Subject:* confirmation-Election hearings info for submission
*Importance:* High


Dear Mr. Ambrogi and Ms. Price,


I am checking to confirm that our "Request by Voter" letter representing
over 1,500 individuals and organizations was in fact submitted for the
record to the Rules Committee Election hearings. I understand that there
are 5 more days for information to be submitted by the public.


We would appreciate your written confirmation that our letter was
submitted for the record.


Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this important matter.



Vickie Karp- National Chairperson Coalition For Visible Ballots

512/775-3737 <>


Abbe Waldman Delozier-Political Consultant Coalition For Visible Ballots

512/736-5802 <>





*From:* abbe <>

*To:* <>


*Sent:* Wednesday, February 07, 2007 12:48 AM

*Subject:* 2/7 hearings info for submission



February 6, 2007


Adam Ambrogi

Natalie Price


Dear Senator Feinstein,


As chairperson of the Senate Rules Committee I am faxing and emailing
you critical information I am asking you to submit for the Rules
Committee hearing's *permanent record:*


*Critical information Regarding the **U.S.** Senate Rules
and Administration Committee Hearing- February 7^th : *

* "The Hazards of Electronic Voting - Focus on the Machinery of**

* *


**Remedies and Recommendations For Removing Obstacles to Democratic

** **

Over 1,500 individuals and organizations from across the country have
signed the following letter-petition including many of your constituents.


In it you will find vital, detailed and relevant information that was
written and researched by election officials, attorneys and voting
experts who have been studying election problems for the last 7 years.
We are sending you this letter because we feel certain that the
information we are providing you will be crucial, recent information you
have probably not seen before.


We have listed comprehensive solutions and remedies that will address
the concerns of how to create a long- term meaningful solution to our
broken election systems in order to truly restore democracy to America.


We are concerned that the speakers testifying tomorrow, with the
exception of one, Lowell Finley, will primarily be focusing on
technology standards, not democracy standards. We believe that current
legislation being considered by Congress and the Senate is focusing on
industry oversight, not citizen oversight.


Considering that many of the signers of this letter are your
constituents, we ask that you submit the following ?*REQUEST BY


*PLEASE NOTE: the "Request by Voters Petition" was recently sent to all
the 190 co-sponsors of Congressman Rush Holt's "Voter Confidence" bill,
formerly known as H.R. 550. Although this version was originally written
to Congress in reference to the "Holt bill", the recommendations and
remedies discussed herein are absolutely applicable to the issues being
discussed in your hearings. *


*We will be checking the committee?s records to assure that this
important information was given fair consideration by the committee and
greatly appreciate your willingness to participate in this important
matter on behalf of all Americans and your constituents. *


We are attaching for your review a copy of the "Request by Voters", or
you can view the petition at


Thank you for your serious consideration of this important matter. We
additionally thank you for holding these hearings as Americans want true
election reform.


Thank you!


Vickie Karp- National Chairperson Coalition For Visible Ballots

512/775-3737 <>


Abbe Waldman Delozier-Political Consultant Coalition For Visible Ballots

512/736-5802 <>






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