Re: HR 811 -- undisclosed software prohibited

From: Jim March <1_dot_jim_dot_march_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Wed Feb 07 2007 - 01:31:37 CST


Yeah. Damn, you're right about that. Asking Seagate or whatever to open up
the controller code on a SATA drive or whatever...ow. Good luck with

OK, you're right. It's a problem.

<scratches head>

Thinking out loud here...

We do have LinuxBIOS both open and running. So motherboard firmware is OK.

Video...we *might* be able to get ATI or NVidia or similar to release the
code to something OLD. We don't really need more video card capabilities
than...what, 1998 stuff? 8megs video RAM like the old NVidia Vanta series
or something.

*Maybe* similar with old IDE-spec drives, 80megs or whatever. It'd be
plenty to run any voting system app.

But damn, we haven't even scratched the surface, have we? Printer stuff
alone...Lord knows what other "gutware"...


For the record: I thought you were talking about the time necessary to move
off of a Windows-based platform. I remain convinced that's almost a


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