Re: Should OVC adopt the OASIS EML standard?

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Thu Feb 01 2007 - 13:19:47 CST

> On 2/1/07, Joseph Lorenzo Hall <> wrote:
>> I'm on the EML TC too... I don't have a working knowledge of it yet,
>> though. -Joe
> And what would "adopt" mean in this case? Have it as a pre-cleared
> piece of technology? Have it as a requirement for OVC cert? -Joe
Good question. The short answer on OVC certification is, "no." We intend
to have two service marks that indicate "certification."

One is "OVC Listed." We have a working definition of that and OVS is
applying for that. We are also talking to Sequoia about applying for that
too (actually, they may need to do that in order to get the SF contract).
The OVC Listed service mark only has to do with technology disclosure.

The other service mark will be "OVC Tested." We are not yet prepared to
offer that. This will involve some real testing and will cost some money.
Ultimately, I envision this service mark will be good enough to count for
state certification and federal certification. Obviously, OVC will have to
become an authorized federal test lab for that. This may take a while to
get there (a year or two minimum). I also think that "OVC Tested" could
work for state certification (for CA and/or other states) before we become a
federal test lab.

These service marks are technology neutral and do not distinguish between
open source and publicly disclosed source. Obviously, in order to get one
of these service marks, the vendor will have to publicly disclose their

So, adoption of EML would have nothing to do with OVC certification of
vendor products.

What I am thinking about here is that OVC will ultimately have "a system" or
"systems." This will be a collaboratively developed software/hardware
solution (or solutions) that will be entirely nonproprietary. It will be
some years before we have everything done here. However, I could see, for
example, a precinct-based optical scan system becoming the "OVC preferred"
system (call it something like that) that would essentially be what OVS has
almost ready now. The OVS optical scan system is entirely software, at this
point. Down the road, we could also have hardware whose design is public
and any manufacturer could build (something like One Laptop Per Child).

Alan D.

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