Re: AB 2097 Fact Sheet, first cut

From: Chris Franklin <chris_ovc_at_sunnycampus_dot_com>
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 19:18:32 CST

A couple of suggestions:

Change "vendors publicly to disclose" to "vendors to publicly disclose".

I would also change "all other proprietary rights to their" to "all
copyrights and licensing rights to their". The reason is that "proprietary"
can sometimes mean protected by secrecy, which is the one method of keeping
something proprietary that they will not be able to use.

I might also add something like, "The copyrights and licensing protections
will be as strong as any fully published work, such as books, music, and
movies, in which all of the copyrighted work is fully disclosed."

(Ironically, if all of the voting software were disclosed from all of the
voting companies, the voting companies would be MORE protected than now,
because each one would be able to tell if another had secretly stolen their

                        Hope this helps,

                                - Chris

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Alan Dechert wrote:
> Bob Reid said "one page." Might need to make it two.
Here is a more concise version (364 words v. 395) that should fit on a
single page. It adds the text "or earlier" at the end of the first
paragraph to correspond to the updated bill I posted earlier.

Is anyone here going to discuss the bill?


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