Re: Review of OVC's project

From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Sun Feb 20 2005 - 22:36:33 CST

Hello Ron:

Sorry about the rant. I seemed to have missed the letter you mentioned. It
may have killed by my various spam filters. If it is not too much trouble
perhaps you could forward it to me? Someone did suggest GREP as a
preliminary filter which would provide the first line of every posting. If
I stumble across something I'll put it on the discussion list. I imagine a
variety of organizing tools may help clean the stables.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

Ron Crane wrote:
> The only way I know to do this is manually. Unless AI has advanced
> enormously over the past few years, I doubt any application will
> produce really useful output. I might be willing to plow through
> everything myself to generate a topic index, but not right off the
> bat. Arthur Keller just posted a message with an attachment
> describing the system, and inviting review. I'm going to take up his
> invitation, and see what I can learn and contribute via that route first.
> -Ron
>> Hello Ron:
>> Around here, there's a formulaic respone to your letter. It
>> generally goes like this.
>> "Gee what a great idea. Let us know when you've got something to
>> show the rest of us."
>> I know that sounds cruel and sometimes is along the lines of no good
>> deed or notion goes unpunished, but we really, truely are all very
>> busy people. I keep promising myself to get back to collecting and
>> systemizing the works of all the brilliant people that are involved
>> in the project but then I've got to go to work, balance the check
>> book, spend time with my loved ones, upgrade my personal web site,
>> mow the lawn, work with local politicians, etcetera, etcetera and
>> etcetera. I have asked around about some sort of application that will
>> harvest
>> meaning out the several years of correspondence and haven't yet found
>> anything yet that goes from email to a summary. I've talked with
>> some amazing people at MIT about this and they've generously pointed
>> me toward cutting edge material like AI applications and other things
>> that are literally doctoral thesis level material. Hell, I'm just a
>> middle aged civil engineer who gives a damm about voting technology
>> and this stuff is way beyond me. It seems that this is a universal
>> and growing problem in the cyberverse that isn't restricted to the
>> Open Voting Consortium. Honestly, if you can find something that
>> takes us at least part way there, you're on the track to a Nobel
>> Prize or at least being a folk hero of cyber-dom.
>> While I have access to the system between my ears which is probably
>> the only tool to do the job, unfortunately if I apply it to this
>> challenge its not available to anything else. So, when I urge you to
>> follow up on the very real problem you've recognized it is in full
>> realization of what I ask you.
>> Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>> ===============================
>> Ron Crane wrote:
>>> The current consensus and list of open issues need to be presented
>>> in an organized fashion. Few people have the time or energy to wade
>>> back through months of mailing-list archives. I looked at most of
>>> the wiki, the entire faq, and some of the list archives and found
>>> only bits here and there touching on my issues. No doubt many of
>>> them were covered at one time or another, but I (and other
>>> newcomers) have no good way to find out.
>>> Eventually, of course, all this information needs to get pulled into
>>> reasonably formal specs that can be peer-reviewed and presented to
>>> policymakers. Perhaps the identification of issues and the
>>> description of each one's status could be the first step in writing
>>> those specs. -Ron
>>> P.S. Who's Chito?
>>>> Hello Ron:
>>>> No, the Wiki is not dead but has been languishing. The affiars of
>>>> the world and men proceed in waves and I guess we have been in a
>>>> trough of the wave. However, as Alan has indicated, many, many,
>>>> many of the items you have mentioned have been discussed to great
>>>> clarity if not agreement. The introductory page of the Wiki goes
>>>> into great detail how you might research these items. I had been
>>>> intending to pull together some sort of summary of the
>>>> correspondecne threads in the Wiki but given the tedious nature of
>>>> such a project it has been easy to find amost anything is a more
>>>> worthwhile use of my energies. How ever, your questions do bring
>>>> up the issue and perhaps I will wade into this again. In the
>>>> meantime, I wish Chito well! Thanks, Ed Kennedy, now and then Wiki
>>>> Whacker
>>>> ==============
>>>> Ron Crane wrote:
>>>>> Greetings. I am new to the list and to OVC, having found it via a
>>>>> web search on "open source voting". I have reviewed the faq and
>>>>> much of the wiki, and have many comments and questions. These I
>>>>> have posted to the wiki at
>>>>> . Please
>>>>> review them and comment here or in the wiki (assuming that the
>>>>> wiki is not defunct).
>>>>> Sincerely,
>>>>> Ron
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