Re: Review of OVC's project

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Sun Feb 20 2005 - 17:05:17 CST

The only way I know to do this is manually. Unless AI has advanced
enormously over the past few years, I doubt any application will
produce really useful output. I might be willing to plow through
everything myself to generate a topic index, but not right off the bat.
Arthur Keller just posted a message with an attachment describing the
system, and inviting review. I'm going to take up his invitation, and
see what I can learn and contribute via that route first.


> Hello Ron:
> Around here, there's a formulaic respone to your letter. It generally
> goes like this.
> "Gee what a great idea. Let us know when you've got something to show
> the rest of us."
> I know that sounds cruel and sometimes is along the lines of no good
> deed or notion goes unpunished, but we really, truely are all very
> busy people. I keep promising myself to get back to collecting and
> systemizing the works of all the brilliant people that are involved in
> the project but then I've got to go to work, balance the check book,
> spend time with my loved ones, upgrade my personal web site, mow the
> lawn, work with local politicians, etcetera, etcetera and etcetera.
> I have asked around about some sort of application that will harvest
> meaning out the several years of correspondence and haven't yet found
> anything yet that goes from email to a summary. I've talked with some
> amazing people at MIT about this and they've generously pointed me
> toward cutting edge material like AI applications and other things
> that are literally doctoral thesis level material. Hell, I'm just a
> middle aged civil engineer who gives a damm about voting technology
> and this stuff is way beyond me. It seems that this is a universal
> and growing problem in the cyberverse that isn't restricted to the
> Open Voting Consortium. Honestly, if you can find something that
> takes us at least part way there, you're on the track to a Nobel Prize
> or at least being a folk hero of cyber-dom.
> While I have access to the system between my ears which is probably
> the only tool to do the job, unfortunately if I apply it to this
> challenge its not available to anything else. So, when I urge you to
> follow up on the very real problem you've recognized it is in full
> realization of what I ask you.
> Thanks, Ed Kennedy
> ===============================
> Ron Crane wrote:
>> The current consensus and list of open issues need to be presented in
>> an organized fashion. Few people have the time or energy to wade back
>> through months of mailing-list archives. I looked at most of the wiki,
>> the entire faq, and some of the list archives and found only bits here
>> and there touching on my issues. No doubt many of them were covered at
>> one time or another, but I (and other newcomers) have no good way to
>> find out.
>> Eventually, of course, all this information needs to get pulled into
>> reasonably formal specs that can be peer-reviewed and presented to
>> policymakers. Perhaps the identification of issues and the description
>> of each one's status could be the first step in writing those specs.
>> -Ron
>> P.S. Who's Chito?
>>> Hello Ron:
>>> No, the Wiki is not dead but has been languishing. The affiars of
>>> the world and men proceed in waves and I guess we have been in a
>>> trough of the wave. However, as Alan has indicated, many, many, many
>>> of the items you have mentioned have been discussed to great clarity
>>> if not agreement. The introductory page of the Wiki goes into great
>>> detail how you might research these items. I had been intending to
>>> pull together some sort of summary of the correspondecne threads in
>>> the Wiki but given the tedious nature of such a project it has been
>>> easy to find amost anything is a more worthwhile use of my energies.
>>> How ever, your questions do bring up the issue and perhaps I will
>>> wade into this again. In the meantime, I wish Chito well!
>>> Thanks, Ed Kennedy, now and then Wiki Whacker
>>> ==============
>>> Ron Crane wrote:
>>>> Greetings. I am new to the list and to OVC, having found it via a
>>>> web search on "open source voting". I have reviewed the faq and
>>>> much of the wiki, and have many comments and questions. These I
>>>> have posted to the wiki at
>>>> . Please
>>>> review them and comment here or in the wiki (assuming that the wiki
>>>> is not defunct).
>>>> Sincerely,
>>>> Ron
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