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From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Sat Feb 19 2005 - 15:14:32 CST

Hello Keith,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have taken the liberty of cc'ng your note to the entire group to see what reactions may occur. My concern here includes maintaining the interest and efforts of the various technical specialists in this group. These are a resource that needs to be regularly cultivated and such gardening seems to have been missing of late.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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  Hey Ed,

  We are indeed building an open source voting system, but once the system is complete, we still need to win over every state legislature to certify it and county to adopt it. So, we need to continue making headway on multiple fronts. Part of this is a 'Hearts and Minds' approach, not just with the public, but also the public servants...

  I have CC'd Alan Dechert(our President) with this email. Feel free to contact him with specific questions.

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    I could have sworn we will building a certified, open source voting system that might even be ready for the 2006 elections. What progress has been made on this lately? I'm thrilled that various people are attending to publicity and other vital functions but what about are basic mission?

    Thanks, Ed Kennedy
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          My name is Keith Kritselis, and I have been chosen as the new Board Liaison. I will act as a conduit between you and the OVC board. In practical terms, this means I will attend all board meetings and send a monthly report to you by email. I will also have time during these board meetings to raise any concerns, questions, or ideas that you have brought to my attention. We have a big fight ahead of us, but in a sense, it's 50 big fights because election law happens at the state level. The money that you donate to the cause is very important, but the unique perspective you have from your individual county and state are equally important. Maybe you live in a state capital, or have connections in political parties, or the state legislature. If so, let me know. You might have a publicity idea on how we can spread the word, or a fundraising idea to help put more fulltime people on the case. Email me.

          In the meeting, final plans were discussed far an OVC event that was scheduled for Feb. 4th. in Santa Cruz. This event went very well(BTW). Lara Schaffer, the event's organizer had this to say.

          The event went really well. We had people there from all over Northern California (Berkeley, Sacramento, Bolinas, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Santa Cruz, etc).

          Many of the major election reform groups were there (Verified Voting, Black Box, Case Ohio, We Do Not Concede, Richard Hayes Philips Project, Mainstreet Moms Operation Blue, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Voting Rights Task Force, etc) as well as the film maker Penny Little who filmed for her upcoming movie "Electile Dysfunction." An account of the event can be seen at There will soon be pictures and details about the event posted on the open voting website *(

      Other things discussed at the meeting included a website redesign which is coming online very soon, and a push we are making to enlist state and national political parties(starting with the Green Party) for support through a new resolution we've crafted.

      That's about all for now.
      Thanks for your time.

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