Election Technology Council

From: Edward Cherlin <cherlin_at_pacbell_dot_net>
Date: Mon Feb 07 2005 - 17:27:26 CST

The Election Technology Council (http://www.electiontech.org/),
affiliated with the Information Technology Association of
America (http://www.itaa.org/), is shilling for the DRE
industry. For example, spokesman Robert Cohen said recently,
quoted at
"These are groups that would like us to return to the days of the
2000 election and having election officials holding ballots up
to the light to determine voter intent. It's amazing to us that
a technology that wrings out so much ambiguity from the
voting infrastructure is the target of so much criticism."

As an exercise, try to count how many falsehoods can be found in
those two sentences. I have easily "found four, with promise of
more," as Dashiell Hammett once wrote about the line "Only
genuine pre-war British and American whiskies served here."

For $1,000 a year, we could join the ETC and have something to
say about their operations. We would need somebody diplomatic to
attend their meetings. We could recruit some allies to join with

Edward Cherlin
Generalist & activist--Linux, languages, literacy and more
"A knot! Oh, do let me help to undo it!"
--Alice in Wonderland
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