Flash, San Diego mayor gets elected on undervote

From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Feb 02 2005 - 20:22:27 CST

Hello All:

    Here's another optical ballot problem. While the write in candidate received 5501 more votes than the regular candidate, she lost because bubbles indicated that there was a write in vote were not filled in by these voters. While the actual law that allowed this ridiculous outcome (remember, "...the law is an ass") may be rewritten in the coming legislative session it would have been nice if undervoted ballots were kicked back out to the voters at least at the polling places for them to correct this problem. Obviously, there would be the problem of people who actually didn't want to vote but perhaps an over ride button or a special scan card might work. This may cause various local and state agencies to request smarter optical scan machines.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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