North Carolina Board of Elections Ex Dir launches "Election Partnership" initiative

From: John McCarthy <john_at_verifiedvoting_dot_org>
Date: Wed Dec 16 2009 - 10:00:29 CST

I thought members of this list ought to be aware of this development...


link to 7 page statement doc:

The NC SBoE Executive Director is planning to form a NATIONAL non profit
called "The Election Partnership".
They apparently plan develop a new vendor, new voting system and a coop
to purchase them. They want to build a better DRE that will have
independent, redundant records

"This document proposes a cooperative effort among a group of states
that share a similar vision for their next election system and the
equipment they will need to support it."

 From their mission statement of proposed non profit that Exec Director
of NC

Improved DRE independent, redundant records - With DRE's there is a
special security challenge in that while the identity of the voter can
be attached to the vote a lot of security measures are not available. It
is not possible to serialize the vote, as we can as it leaves the ballot
box. However, it is feasible to have multiple, independent records of
the voter's choices. Future DRE's could be envisioned with standardized
ports for user inputs and writing cast vote records. Currently there is
a requirement for multiple memories. Why not require totally independent
processes, with different processors and firmware? The DRE can capture
and record votes and the independent processors can monitor the process
and keep their own tallies of what was done on the machine.
? Integrated, end-to-end voting system security architecture - There is
a lot of potential for end-to-end security architectures. In current
systems there are a lot of security measures but little evidence that
there is a well thought out security system in place. The goal here is
to push the technology and develop a total security system architecture
to be included in the next release of systems.

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