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From: Edward Cherlin <echerlin_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon Dec 29 2008 - 16:02:43 CST

Change.gov, the official Obama transition Web site (unlike
change.org), is now ready to take our suggestions and our votes. Let's
support Open Voting there.

"What is the plan to have a universal, secure, and open source
election infrastructure that not only works quickly, securly and
transparently but is trusted by all?"
doc, somethingdifferent.us

Here are some related questions.

"Today's highly hackable all-electronic voting systems must be
replaced, but as the Franken-Coleman Senate race shows, hand-marked
ballots are no solution. Will the Obama administration push for
fast-track certification of electronic ballot printers?"
Ham, Austin, TX

"Science and technology are changing the way we vote for and elect our
representatives and leaders. How will the Obama/Biden administration
restore citizens' confidence that their vote actually counts in this
era of electronic voting machines?"
Stephen D, New Mexico

"Elections: Are we going to standardize elections so that perhaps we
can all vote without having to fall prey to the numbers of ways to
undercount by disqualifying ballots in often devious ways? Please do
something about election accountability."

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From: John D. Podesta, Obama-Biden Transition Project <info@change.gov>
Date: Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 10:22 AM
Subject: Open for Questions
To: Edward Cherlin <echerlin@gmail.com>

Dear Edward,

We recently launched a new feature on Change.gov called Open for
Questions. Thousands of you responded, asking 10,000 questions and
voting nearly a million times on questions from others.

Now that we've answered some of the most popular ones from the last
round, we are open for questions again. Ask whatever you like, and
vote up or down on the other questions to let us know which ones you
most want the Transition to answer.

Get started now at http://change.gov/openforquestions.

We're looking forward to learning about what you want to know.



John D. Podesta
Obama-Biden Transition Project

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