[OVC-discuss] Quick Poll Vote TODAY to WIN!

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Dec 28 2008 - 17:29:11 CST

I sent the message below to our announcements list. I'm putting it on
ovc-discuss just in case. If half the people on ovc-discuss got one other
person to vote, we would be in third place. If half of the people on this
list got 3 other people to vote for us, we would be in first place.

Think about that. See what you can do.

Alan D.

Dear Friends of Open Voting:

Do you know two people who could click on our Vote button today? We are in
a position to win this Big Idea poll on change dot org -- President-elect
Obama's What Big Things Can We Accomplish Together Now That We've Won The
Election website.

Open Voting has moved into 5th place and we are getting votes faster than
anyone in our category. Please send your friends [1: sample below] to this
page and ask them to VOTE TODAY!


Why is this important? President-Elect Obama has pledged to support the Top
Ideas coming out of this process at change.org. Our idea is likely to be
attractive to the new Obama administration because it fits with his
government-by-the-people theme, and can be accomplished without a big

At some point, we need to move beyond attacking the crisis du jour and get
to some of the fundamental faults in our society. The crisis du jour is
never a fundamental problem but is always symptomatic of deeper underlying

The voting system is exactly the kind of fundamental problem that must be
solved. It happens that a real solution is at hand and can be implemented
with funding already available left over from HAVA (Help America Vote Act of
2002). We have to follow through. That is Open Voting Consortium's
commitment every single day.

So, please, dear readers, vote for this and get more people to vote!

Thank you.

Alan Dechert
[1] Sample letter from an Opening Voting friend with simple instructions:
Dear Jane/Joe,

I seldom ask any friends for action because it can be so annoying but this
is easy & exceedingly useful. A friend of mine Alan, a giga-geek with a
passion for open, transparent, paper-trailed Voting has worked like a dog
for eight years to bring Open Source Voting to actual fruition in actual
states. Open Voting could win a poll on Prez Obama's change dot org and move
to the next round if we could get a batch more votes quickly.

If you clik the url in the Note below, you'll see a blue box with rounded
corners up to your left next to the headline Move the country towards
transparent elections systems. Clik Vote there to your left & it will prompt
you to register. Once you've voted that blue box will turn, well, burgundy.

This is so worthy -- your several minutes will matter for on-the-ground real
democracy. I'm grateful.

Your Friend

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