Re: [OVC-discuss] OVC's free/open-source voting software

From: Nathan Adams <nadams_at_ieee_dot_org>
Date: Fri Dec 12 2008 - 10:36:53 CST

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 3:57 AM, Alan Dechert <> wrote:

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> wrote,
>> It seems to have a very different structure from most free/open projects
>> with
>> which I'm familiar, where there is a public source code repository, a
>> development mailing list, a bug tracking system, etc., all linked
>> prominently
>> to the project's Web site, making it easy for
>> developers/testers/documentation
>> writers/users to become involved.
>> It is very different -- due, in no small measure, to the regulatory and
> political environment in which the voting system lives. Most of my work
> involves working with elected officials, election officials, and other
> interested parties in order to pave the way for acceptance of open source
> voting (we call it "open voting") and the OVC system in particular.
> Our software development efforts have been focused on particular events.
> There are several on-going talks with potential customers, and when I get a
> formal request to use our system, we will work up some requirements and
> build a system to meet those requirements. If the election is simple
> enough, we may need to do little software development: Just create the
> ballot definition files and create the .iso files to burn to disk. If it's
> a real public election (where they're going to elect public officials), then
> we will probably need to do more work to improve our system. And if they
> include remote or absentee voting, we will probably have to create a system
> for that. I think we may get a job like this for a local election next year
> where federal certification is not required.

Waiting for the a start-up contract (for several years now) to begin work on
the production/reference system doesn't sound very wise. The design is
already in place, and we don't need start-up funds to manage an open-source

> I surmise that after Sourceforge became untenable (and this is by no means
>> the
>> first project that I am aware of to find it necessary to move away from
>> there), nobody offered alternative infrastructure, or set aside the time
>> to
>> make it happen.
>> Well, here's our project on FOSS Factory.
This isn't very useful:
 3. Download the Code

This project has no Git repository. If you are the project lead, you should
probably give it one by using the *ff init* command. This command will allow
you to clone an upstream Git repository, or to create one from a source
directory on your local filesystem.
Shall we start a production/reference implementation project at Launchpad?


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