"175 chips for voting machines are lost, " SD Union Tribune. (Ed's occasional clipping service)

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Hello All:

Humm. As usual Premier (Diebold) misrepresents major issues by saying, "The chips cannot be altered because
they have a read-only memory and are virtually worthless to anyone not
running an election." I thought EPROM's cost actual money. Also, how expensive and common is a device to erase and reprogram these chips?

Thanks, Ed Kennedy



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 175 chips for voting machines are lost

Registrar criticizes secretary of stateBy Craig Gustafson
December 20, 2007
175 computer chips needed to tabulate Feb. 5 election results in San
Diego County were lost after they were shipped from Secretary of State
Debra Bowen's office after an inspection.Ohio-based Premier Election
Solutions, which manufactures the county's voting machines, said it can
replace the chips as early as today. But the loss caused San Diego
officials to raise concerns about how careful Bowen is being in the
wake of placing severe restrictions on voting machines for the coming
Three-foot cardboard tubes wrapped with duct tape that
were supposed to contain the chips arrived empty Monday at the county's
Registrar of Voters' office in Kearny Mesa. The Sacramento Sheriff's
Department and California Highway Patrol are investigating.
chips, called EPROMs, serve as the brain for optical-scan machines that
are scheduled to count thousands of paper ballots for the county in the
primary. A company spokesman said the chips cannot be altered because
they have a read-only memory and are virtually worthless to anyone not
running an election.
If recovered, the chips will not be used,
said Deborah Seiler, the county's registrar and a former saleswoman for
Diebold Election Systems. Premier was formally Diebold.
criticized Bowen for sending the chips in a shoddy package and via
FedEx ground shipping. She said the importance of the package warranted
overnight shipping.
Nicole Winger, a spokeswoman for Bowen, said
the chips were packaged and shipped under the same specifications that
Premier has used in the past. A Premier spokesman said they were packed
and shipped under the authority of the secretary of state's office.
county is being forced to use optical-scan machines after Bowen largely
banned Premier's touch-screen voting machines in August. Touch screens
can only be used for disability access and early voting in future
elections. Everyone else must use paper ballots.
Craig Gustafson: (619) 293-1399; craig.gustafson@uniontrib.com



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