How dark is a mark?

From: Danny Swarzman <danny_at_stowlake_dot_com>
Date: Tue Dec 18 2007 - 23:41:43 CST

Does anyone know what practical test is used to determine if a
scanner is sufficiently sensitive?

There must be some kind of criteria for how dark the voter's mark
needs to be or how wide the ink mark must be to qualify as marked.
Are there different measures in different states?

Has anyone dealt with this question?

A reference to relevant sections of regulations would help.

Later, I will try to find the best algorithm for meeting the
criteria, but today, I'm just trying to find out what measure of
sensitivity is best.

Is 'sensitivity' the right word? I think that word was used by the CA
SoS to describe the shortcomings of the ES&S precinct scanner. I sent
email to her office and await a reply.

Has this issue come up in other states?

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