Help wanted to specify authentication methods

From: Danny Swarzman <danny_at_stowlake_dot_com>
Date: Sun Dec 16 2007 - 11:27:23 CST

I am looking for someone to help me define the procedures to
authenticate cast vote data from precinct scanners.

I am not asking for suggestions on how I might figure this out
myself. Please don't respond with links or general descriptions or
suggestions on what I should do.

I need a description that is so detailed and clear that it can go
into specification documents.

The cast votes will be EML files on CD's.

What is needed is a document that explains, step by step what the
program that writes the CD must do to generate the proper
information, and what the program on the other end needs to do to
verify it. It also must justify why the solution will assure the
public that the CD contains data that were generated by the precinct
scanner. It should contain references to appropriate documents.

If you have the knowledge and ability to tackle this problem, please
let me know.

-Danny Swarzman

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