hand count analysis

From: Nancy Tobi <nancy_dot_tobi_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2007 - 07:41:08 CST

anyone up to analyzing the figures in this account of a hand count election
in SF? Anyone with any first hand knowledge of procedures and methodologies?


The manual count - forced on the city because of state questions about the
accuracy of San Francisco's voting machines - involved 80 workers, some of
whom put in 18-hour shifts.

Each of the 46,000 ballots in front of the workers had to be counted 24
times - 11 for the measures that were put before voters, and 13 for the
ranked choices in the mayor's race.

That adds up to a mind-numbing 1.1 million tabulations.

And chances are, unless the Board of Supervisors approves a
multimillion-dollar voting machine contract Dec. 11, the city will have to
do it all over again for the February presidential primary election. Each
ballot will have to be counted 10 or 11 times, depending on the voter's
political affiliation.

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