Re: Prerendering of GUI for voting machines

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon Dec 03 2007 - 06:04:56 CST

At 1:25 AM -0800 12/3/07, Alan Dechert wrote:
>>I am fairly certain you are correct here, none of the folks in the
>> discussion group were involved directly with the software design.
>> That is why we needed to have a separate development group list.
>hmmm. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I can't let this pass.
>Several people "involved directly with the software design" were
>participants in both group lists.

Exactly, Alan. Also, Fred should not confuse "involved directly with
the software design" with writing lines of code.

>I decided to start the OVC-demo-team list because people mainly interested
>in developing the software were getting drowned out by a lot of tangential
>discussions on the discussion list (originally called the "voting-project"
>I made the first post to the demo-team list Dec 21, 2003.
>We developed four applications. Only one of them had anything to do with
>the prerendered ballot idea. John Paul Gignac did the coding for that
>application and, I think, never posted to the discussion list.
>I generally agree with you, Fred, but the line between doers and non-doers
>(or talkers) is not quite so fine. Sure, there was a lot more said than
>done, but it took a lot of talking to work through the issues.
>I am thankful for the work at UC Berkeley, and I think it helps validate
>things we have been saying for some years. Nonetheless, you'd think they'd
>demonstrate a little more awareness of what we've done.

It would be helpful to point out to them a document they can cite
that disclosed the idea.

>We also set up and ran our demo at Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference
>in April of 2004 in Berkeley:
> David Wagner (Ping's advisor) was a panelist there.
>Deirdre Mulligan of UCB invited us. Joe Hall of UCB knew quite a bit about
>OVC and was even one of our co-authors.
>Alan D.

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