Woodbine, GA hearing on VVPAT tests

From: D. C. Lapena <chito_dot_lapena_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 11:37:27 CST

Below is link to 2 hour video of hearing on VVPAT test deployment in
Woodbine, Georgia.

at 1:41:40 to about 1:49:00, I ask the panel about the COTS exemption
and their answer is that they "certify the interaction" and the KSU
guy tries to convince us that "MS will not release the source code"
even though we know now that CE ships to OEMs as a kit that must be
linked with customized modules.


I finally got the 'I don't know. We'll look into it' out of State
Election board's J. Randolph Evans. Have not heard back from them yet.

For those on this list who may not be familiar with this issue see Jim
March's work on this below

Quoted from
[OVC-discuss] The Diebold Fraud Series - COMPLETE
posted to this list on Aug. 17th 2006

There are now five files in the "Diebold fraud series" comprising the
latest and most complete accounting of Diebold's sins to date:

http://www.equalccw.com/wincefraudwalkthrough.pdf – an overview of
Diebold's Windows CE-related fraud. NEW TODAY: Appendix A constitutes a
new page with additional evidence that this was deliberate on Diebold's
part. Before we found that (again, appendix A) an argument could be made
that Diebold might have declared the customized Windows CE code and Wyle
ignored it. This is a specific statement that Diebold withheld the CE
customizations from the test labs. Along with the Lee declaration, this
in my opinion is the front-runner to putting Diebold flat out of the
elections industry. Five pages.

http://www.equalccw.com/19202v2006.pdf - it's an ultra-condensed version
of the file above, submitted to the California Secretary of State's site
as an official request under California Election Code 19202. One page.
Needs the Lee declaration in support.

http://www.equalccw.com/rrlee-wincedeclaration.pdf – the declaration of
Dr. Richard Lee. Same as previously distributed, no changes. Three pages.

http://www.equalccw.com/thenasedblues.pdf – covers the possibility of
NASED involvement in covering up the madness documented here and in
items 1 and 2 of this list. ALL new. It's not "airtight" but like the
rest it's "probable cause" for somebody with subpoena powers to sort out
the truth: a gutsy district attorney could do it, a state AG would be
better, or a very gutsy Federal prosecutor. The California SecState's
office might be able to do it too, so go Bowen! :) Four pages.

http://www.equalccw.com/dieboldsinsandsecrecy.pdf - a more general
listing (with links to evidence) of Diebold misconduct and cover-ups. 12
pages, but some big graphics. Over 9meg file size.

Folks, I'm pissed. More than that, I'm personally offended that Diebold
is still in the vote biz. It's time for that to end.

And beyond that, it's time to point fingers at the oversight process
that allowed them to run rampant. Because that certification and
oversight process at the Federal level is the lynchpin behind ALL these

Everything here can be forwarded at will. The "WinCEfraudwalkthough"
and "Lee declarations" must be a "matched set" of course...best if all
five are mentioned as a set.

Jim March
end quoted block
[OVC-discuss] The Diebold Fraud Series - COMPLETE
posted to this list on Aug. 17th 2006

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