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From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Tue Dec 12 2006 - 14:12:39 CST

Well if it's VOTEhere then the last time I read those papers they had not solved the key control issue. Thus your receipt was permenantly vulnerable in perpetuity if the keys were ever leaked by the county or cracked. It also never actually proved your ballot was counted, just that the machine at city hall beeped at you over the phone if it your receipt was present. It did not actually offer a way to assure that your ballot was counted as cast or was actually part of the total. And even it it worked as claimed it was also so non-transparent that it really did not seem to offer much reassurance to the ordinary voter. And it centralized the vote counting rather than decentralizing it. The original instantiation of it required a touchscreen system. And it was 100% proprietary so it locked out many bussiness models and vendors.

perhaps things have changed and these problems fixed. If so i'd like to be educated.

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>> Ben could you please tell us what system you are talking about. I'm
>> guessing you want some sort of voter receipt or something. But so
>> far its pretty amorphpous. What is an open audit in your view?
>He appears to be referring to things like this:
> . I've read the tech paper on it, and it's
>very difficult going for non-cryptographers. It's still susceptible to
>presentation attacks (e.g., ballot reordering, dropping candidates from the
>ballot, making it easier to vote for certain candidates, etc.) I am also not
>quite sure what it really permits a voter to verify. I really need to read the
>paper again.
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