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Indeed we just had an instance similar to your here in NM of vote selling. The candidate's workers were "helping" people get to the polls and with some "food" money. If they agreed to vote for the candidate. In the case which developed no sever punishments could be handed out because it was just he-said-she-said and so close to a grey area. After all there are many groups that provide poll transportation and they certainly target their voters. Church groups do it too, and they might even have refreshments afterwards. It's not even uncommon for church members to help the less fortunate with financial aid.

The key thing that allowed this to go forward is that vote selling in this manner is retail--you have to go find and coerce a lot of prospects before you get a sale. That leaves a big trail of angry people who might turn you in, even before the election. If you can vote sell after the fact by proving how you voted, it lets sellers find buyers and then it becomes wholesale. And it all happens after the election when it's too late.

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>Indeed, there has been serious fraud conducted at the polls. When I lived
>in an apartment building housing senior citizens and people with
>disabilities, a committeeman not only registered everyone for a particular
>party, no matter their preference, but he also "assisted" people in the
>polling place. During an election, he "assisted" my neighbor by telling her
>how to vote while they were both inside the booth. Had she complained, it
>would have been her word against his. Since he also lived in the building,
>and she knew he could retaliate in some way, she did not report it.
>Anecdotal evidence suggests that this sort of fraud is not uncommon.

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