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Hello Charlie:

        The problem is simply a one of confidence. The devices you propose
are probably very efficient and trouble free. However, one needs to be able
to take a pointer to the device and say, "See that little thing there?
That's where the data comes from. See this other thing over there? That's
where it goes. There is only one light and things can't go backwards, see?"
Cynics could wonder if there is something else your little black boxes do.


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Looking at Doug's Schematics, I find myself unclear about what
features of it are so important that it needed to build a device from
discrete components on a circuit boards. Anyone care to educate me?

Specifically, monolithic chips that perform this function have been
available since the 70's. They go by many names, vactrols,
optoswitches, optical isolators (not to be confused with a faraday
isolators) or optical relays. One side of the circuit activates an
led and the other is a photo-cell. Thus the directionality is not

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