Re: A generic best practice document for New Mexico legislators

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 01:32:21 CST

Charlie Strauss said:

> While you don't want to trust statistics to assure election integrity,
> you are anyhow. That is to say, at some level of likelihood there
> exists the possibility that both the electronic records and paper
> record were both rigged. There's no reason to force some other part of
> the election process to have a statistical assurance below that level.


I agree with this and w/ everything else you've said here.


When do you plan to have your "best practice" document finished?

Would you please make a version that is generic to any state or has "Utah"
substituted for "New Mexico" so that I can put one into the hands of the
Lt. Governor here?

Please consider somewhere in your document, making the suggestion that
"computer scientists should assist states in defining the requirements for
voting systems" rather than laymen (by listening to the advice of voting
machine vendors), because that is the one main point I would like to get
across here in Utah where I hope the process of voting machine selection
will be restarted, this time by following advice of computer scientists.

GOOD NEWS for UTAH: BTW, we just got the fantastic news last week that
our election director Amy Naccarato will no longer be with us as of
January. Yippee! She was the main person pushing for paperless DRE voting
machines who did not care one whit what any computer scientist told her,
and she is gone! So Utah has a good chance now for a decent voting

We have really averted the planned purchase of DRE voting machines that
was due here by December.



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