Re: Triad Systems and Ohio Recount

From: Roy M. Silvernail <roy-ovc_at_rant-central_dot_com>
Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 17:29:38 CST

charlie strauss wrote:

> I dont know about computer forensics in any useful detail.
>But one thing I think that will likely be a godsend to electronic voting is the Next Generation Trusted Computing Platform. While derided on slashdot for the way it imposes DRM on your computer it's actually exactly what e-voting needs.
I don't think NGTCP is quite the panacea you're hoping for.

>to recap the basic concepts of the NGTCP. some small very trusted and easily secure part of the computer will boot. It will then validate every hardware component and every signed software component that is loaded.
Here's the problem. If the voting software vendor can sign their
certified versions, they can also sign their rigged versions. NGTCP can
"protect" against an end user running an "untrusted" program, but it's
helpless when the vendors themselves can produce "trusted" software that
does nefarious things.
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