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I'm not sure how many of you get John Gideon's (VotersUnite!) Daily
Voting News... there's always a number of gems. They also have RSS
feeds of these stories here: http://www.votersunite.org/news-rss.asp

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 Another very busy day with articles from all of the usual states.
"Daily Voting News" now has over 90 subscribers and I know many of you
forward it on to mailing lists or put it on your web pages so the
readership is high. Tomorrow we may be a couple hours later than

 Mess-Up Du Jour - Sandoval County, New Mexico. October, 2004.
Sequoia. Touch screens register votes incorrectly.
 American democracy hangs by a thread in Ohio
 Statement From General Counsel In NM Recount Effort
 King Co, WA – County decides to count the newly discovered 573
ballots while deciding to wait on the other 22 new ballots they just
found. Reps likely to sue.
 Summit Co., OH – Hand recount has same results as original count
 Washington – Reps accuse Dems. of cheating
 Washington – New ballots in King Co. and a report that some ballots
were counted twice in Skagit Co. in Nov.
 King Co., WA – Errors and accusations have shaken voter confidence
 Washington – State law vague on a challenge and legislative actions
to choose the governor, if necessary
 Richland Co., OH – County completes hand recount with no differences
 Conyers Requests Investigation of Fraud in Ohio Vote – A copy of the
requesting letter
 King Co., WA – Republicans ready to go to court over uncounted ballots
 New Mexico - Recount Advocates Appeal Decision; $1.4 Million Is Due Today
 Lucas Co., OH – Hand recount matches the machine count
 Asheville, NC - Until voting problems are addressed, confidence in
elections will be hazy
 Butler Co., OH – Recount complete with the hand and machine counts matching
 Seneca Co., OH – Recount complete with the hand and machine counts matching.
 Ohio - Conyers wants probe of Ohio recount preparation
 Stark Co., OH – Recount originally found differences but a new
recount of the problem precincts found no differences and that count
matched the hand recount
 Hancock Co., OH – Recount complete with hand count NOT matching the machine
 Ohio - The lawyers for Green presidential candidate David Cobb and
Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, along with
Kerry-Edwards 2004 have added election tampering to a civil suit filed
against the state of Ohio
 Muskingum Co., OH – County prepares for recount
 Crawford Co., OH - Recount complete with the hand and machine counts matching
 Ohio - In interview, Green Party lays out hopes for recount-tampering
civil lawsuit
 Ohio – Press Release - Affidavit Filed in Ohio on Voting Machine Tampering.
 Ohio - Libertarian observer questions recount policy
 Knox Co., OH – Recount on machines loses some votes
 Federal Standards Needed to Reduce Voter Fraud
 Sandusky Co., OH - Recount complete with the hand and machine counts matching
 Gaston Co., NC – What went wrong and what is being done
 Press Release – New Populex voting machine that includes a voter
verified paper ballot has been given federal certification
 King Co., WA – GOP to sue over the 573 questioned ballots
 Gaston Co., NC – Two elections officials resign
 Brewster Co., TX – County looking at new voting systems for 2005
 California - Secretary of State slammed in audit
 Skagit Co., WA – Ballots were handcounted that had not been
previously counted and some were found that had been counted twice
 U.S. Constitution Mandates Penalties for States Where Votes Are
Obstructed, Say Greens
 Ohio – High court throws out challenge to the election. The case will
be refilled tomorrow
 Washington – Ex-SoS suggests a run-off election for governor.

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