Re: Ballot Validation and voting machine initializtion

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Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 07:18:26 CST

> Does anyone know how the privacy of absentee ballots, provisional ballots,
> or the Oregon mail-in ballots is maintained? I presume that these are all
> double-enveloped with the outer envelope providing identity information and
> the inner envelope providing privacy of the vote.

Absentee Ballots:
I have seen double envelopes with the outer one requiring the voter's signature and the other one blank. Some States use only one envelope. In my old precinct in Manchester, New Hampshire, they opened the absentee ballots during the typical slow period about 2:00 PM on election day. They would announce each envelope's voter and listen for a couple seconds for an objection, mark that voter as voted, then open the envelope and put the ballot in a box with the other absentee ballots. Then they would count them.

Provisional Ballots:
I like the way we protect the privacy of provisional voters using optical scan in Texas. As an Election Judge, I processed a number of them. The provisional voter signs an affidavit. The ID number on the optical scan ballot is written on the affidavit, which is stored in a sealed envelope. The ballot is counted wth the others. If, after the election, the provisional voter is successfully challenged, the ballot will be retrieved via a manual search of the cast ballots and the totals adjusted accordingly.

I like this because the ballot is anonymous unless successfully challenged. In my precinct we typically had about 2 or 3 provisional ballots out of 1,200 votes cast. In 2000, I was busy all day. I believe I processed about 25 provisional ballots out of about 2,200 votes cast.

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