Re: New OVC Directors/Officers & Utah Meeting

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 03:19:10 CST

Alan Dechert said:

> Please join me in thanking Doug and Arthur for Great Work they have done
> on behalf of the Open Voting Consortium and the cause of saving
> democracy. Also, please welcome David and Laird to their new roles.

Thank you Doug and Arthur! A LOT!

I know what a genius Doug is in all the details of today's voting machine
technology, and Arthur is well, incredible and I've really enjoyed working
with him over the phone and via email re. Utah issues.

Speaking of UTAH (again), I spoke with the scheduler for the incoming Lt.
Governor Elect Gary Herbert (who will be in charge of Utah's elections)
and I was told that it would be possible to arrange a meeting with Gary
Herbert some time most probably from January 8th to 11th. It is VERY
important to meet with him ASAP cause the current Election Director Amy
Naccarato is doing her usual illogical push for DRE
paper-rolls-under-glass voting system that dozens of Utah computer
scientists have formally told Utah not to purchase.

SO, QUESTION: Would anyone from OVC like to come to Utah to meet with the
big honcho in charge of buying Utah's voting equipment Jan 8 - 10th
because it won't help for me to go alone to this meeting.

Perhaps Arthur Keller could make it?

In any case, I have an extra bed in my office and an extra bathroom and I
do live in a ski town for those who can afford to ski.

It may still be a long shot for OVC since the June 2006 HAVA deadline in
Utah is fast approaching, but an opportunity for an in-person meeting with
the head of the Election Office in a state which selects voting equipment
state-wide should probably not be shunned.

p.s. Check out our new web site: or by the time you read this today I hope
we'll have made it live on



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