New OVC Directors/Officers

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 20:58:27 CST

The OVC was incorporated a year ago almost to the day (DEC 12). I had
announced my intention to do this 3 months earlier in a somewhat
agitated message to the voting-project email list.

After working out the legal details, we were ready with the paperwork
in early December 2003. Arthur Keller, founder of the voting-project
email list and co-founder of the demo team was committed to be a
co-founder of the OVC, Inc.

We invited Doug Jones to be a co-founder of OVC. We needed him. Doug
had standing in the elections community -- this was essential for us
to gain any sort of recognition. Doug was not sure about joining
since it might introduce confusion about his impartiality relative to
other voting issues in which he was involved.

So, we printed two sets of Articles of Incorporation. One with Doug
on them, and one without. We were set to file the papers one way or
the other in mid-December. Arthur signed both sets and sent one set
to Doug. Around Dec 9, Doug agreed to go ahead and sign. To this
day, I think OVC would have been stillborn if Doug had not signed. We
absolutely needed a domain expert in order to get any attention at

On Dec 30, we had our first board meeting.

I was the visionary, Arthur provided computer science expertise and
organizational know-how along with some financial backing, and Doug
brought his high standing in the world of elections (as well as
computer science expertise -- especially security).

We set about to change some minds by putting on a demo of an
inexpensive voting system based on commodity components, open source
software, including an accessbile paper ballot for reading impaired
voters. It was a smashing success! Thanks to many contibutors!

Doug had committed to see this through for a year. January will mark
the end of Doug's term as an OVC officer. Arthur will also resign as
COO/CFO. While this is very sad for me in many ways, it also ushers
an opportunity for a new beginning.

Laird Popkin will take over as COO/CFO and David Mertz will take over
as CTO. We will have another announcement about new director(s) soon.
 We are moving into a new phase for the OVC, and I think it's an
exciting time for us. Several large opportunities are opening up and
OVC will have a whole new outlook in the weeks and months ahead.

Please join me in thanking Doug and Arthur for Great Work they have
done on behalf of the Open Voting Consortium and the cause of saving
democracy. Also, please welcome David and Laird to their new roles.

Thanks to you all,

Alan Dechert
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