Re: First draft of Stepping Stones -- Markamaticproposal. Please read and comment. Details are very negotiablebut the concept is not!

From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 22:02:53 CST

Hello Kathy:

    First of all, BIG thank you. Do you view OVC as a hardware/software
vendor? I'm not sure if that is our intent. I think we use to say that we
were going for a certfied demonstration system and make the software
publically available. Then vendors would actually sell the Markamatic to
the various counties. Also vendors would get it certified for other
hardware platforms. I believe that there are several members who are well
qualified to start this type of industry.

    I personally have wondered about having a Vendor level membership class
that would entail either a fixed yearly fee or a per unit sold fee (or some
combination) to support the consortium's development of the rest of the
Stepping Stones and the continuous improvements of the software. At the
risk of horrifying potential vendors, I've been thinking along the line of a
$10,000/year fee as a minimum requirement. In exchange they could get
priority support, trouble shooting, bug fixes; and the rest of the typical
software publisher type stuff. I'm not sure if this can be done within our
501 c 6 status or if the board would have to spin up a closely held for
profit subsidiary. What do you (and the rest of you) think of this nub of a
business idea?

    To all: No, I haven't actually looked into the archives about these
development and support issue so I don't know if some work has already been
done on this. My apologies if this has already been worked through. If so,
could someone prepare a summary?

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

Kathy Dopp wrote:
> Ed Kennedy said:
>> The Markamatic Proposal
>> Proposed: Focus on developing the Markamatic with the idea of
>> sending it our for certification on July 4, 2005. Build the rest of
>> the system after and around that.
> This sounds like an excellent idea. OVC may be able to submit bid
> proposals in the Spring if it focused on developing a Markamatic
> first.
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