Re: Interesting, but not corroborated yet

From: Robert Rapplean <robert_at_rapplean_dot_net>
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 17:34:52 CST

Nils Paz wrote:

> Bev Harris discusses why this doesn't hold water and one of the points
> is that the journalist did not provide any details about the code.
> However, Clint Curtis (the coder who made the hack) did publish the
> code:
> It does what he say it does: hidden buttons let you change the vote.
> Which is on of the counterpoints by Bev (that he didn't provide the
> code). As to what precincts and on what machines, that is another issue.

He didn't claim that it was definitely implemented. He just said that
he was hired to produce software that performed the above task, and that
he was hired by people who were in some position to get it onto the
voting machines. That's about it. There is coroborating evidence of
the connections that he suggested. Considering that I think that it all
should be available to the public anyway, I see no reason why this isn't
adequate justification to audit the code on the Florida machines.

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