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Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 16:15:03 CST

In parallel with Keith Copenhagen’s Strawman Proposal, I suggest the
following draft charter for OVC. If such a charter already exists, I
missed it and I apologize for the duplication. Without having a vision and
objectives, it’s hard to know where one is going and when one gets there.
The objectives are measurable tests that should be achieved within a given
amount of time.


* Vision of OVC

To insure that every registered voter who casts a ballot has their vote
accurately counted.

[ Alternative - To insure that every eligible voter has the opportunity to
cast a vote which is accurately counted. This alternative would expand the
scope to the registration process itself]

* Goals

1. No ballot shall be disqualified due to any problems with the ballot
(illegibility, overvote, etc.)

2. All votes shall be capable of being recounted using paper ballots that
have been verified by the voter.

3. The vote totals that are reported by any electronic means and the totals
reported by hand counting shall agree exactly.

[Alternative – If the vision was expanded, then another goal might
be: Every eligible voter shall be registered to vote]

* Objectives

1. Ballots with overvotes, other than ballots that have been submitted by
absentee ballot, shall be zero [or less than .1% of the ballots cast in a
precinct] by the general election of 2006.

2. The discrepancy between tabulated paper ballots and electronically
tabulated ballots shall be less than .1% of the votes cast in any precinct
and less than .01% of the votes cast in a state by the general election of

[These percentages are arbitrary – they should be set as potentially
acceptable goals. There will probably never be an exact match between the
two numbers, but the match should be close enough].


* Courses of Action

The Strawman proposal suggests some tracks ways for achieving these
objectives. I would realign the tracks into the following possibilities:

a. OVC could produce a software/hardware system that met the objectives.
b. OVC could produce a framework for systems to meet these objectives.
c. OVC could create a set of tests that commercial systems had to pass in
order to give reasonable certainty of meeting these objects
d. OVC could suggest legislative wording that would require these
objectives to be met.

With the exception of legislative action, I expect that any of these tracks
are possible within a reasonable period of time and I’d be happy to work on
any one of them. After the 2000 election, I proposed a system to some NC
legislators, but nothing came to pass at that time.

Ken Pugh

At 08:30 PM 12/7/2004, Keith Copenhage wrote:

>Strawaman Proposal & Plan for the OVC community.
>Overview : A two pronged approach,
>Track 1 :
> Specify and publish a voting system component framework (Stepping
> Stone), and then working with the existing election & political
> structure, building expectations & evaluation criteria, and work toward
> adoption.
> Refine and enhance the data models, data validation models, audit
> and self-checking.
>Track 2 :
> Focus on the value added that the OVC can provide, prioritize and
> build components within the Stepping Stone Framework, as well as general
> supporting tools and methodologies.
> Deploy and enhance systems, create redundant mechanisms and
> enhanced security modes.
>Track 1 : Stepping Stone Voting System Vision
>Phase 1 :
>a. Adopt and publish a component (functional) framework reflecting
>critical interfaces and data flow in the voting process.
>b. Identify the evaluation criteria for each component & interface.
>Develop proposals for test & audit of each component.
>c. Anticipate issues with the Framework, and provide for remedies.
>Phase 2 :
>a. Support legislative & election adoption of the framework & evaluation
>criteria. Including providing draft language for legislation & criteria.
>Track 2 : Voting System Component Development
>Phase 1 :
>a. Clarify the OVC value added and publish the OVC design criteria &
>Phase 2:
>a. Harden the data models.
>b. Build structural methodologies and components.
>c. Prioritize and implement Stepping Stone components.
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