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From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 11:53:48 CST

>> I don't think it's very hard to find developers for Free tools. And
>> if it's Python, it's not hard to train anyone with a modicum of
>> brains to use it.

> On a more serious note, finding programmers who will learn Python
> without getting paid for it might be beyond our means. It's still
> considered somewhat of a hobbyists language by most businesses, and
> doesn't make much of a resume item.

This might have been true--to a very limited extent--five years ago.
It just ain't so now. Google is powered by Python to a large degree,
likewise Yahoo. Red Hat is largely a Python shop. Almost every large
business has a whole lot of Python in its back rooms, though that's not
necessarily what they sell or advertise to clients.

On the free side, every Linux WM/environment has Python bindings (KDE,
Gnome, Enlightenment, etc), for many of them that's the primary
interface. Mozilla/Thuderbird/Firefox use lots of Python. Bit Torrent
(which is reported to now carry the MAJORITY of all internet traffic)
was written in Python (albeit, later implemented in other languages
too). NASA uses lots of Python. NSA uses lots of Python. The Open
Source Applications Foundation is a Python shop.

> Relating to finding volunteers, can you tell me what your experiences
> have been in finding skilled programmers who will work on a project
> for free? I believe that this project has already gone through the
> "looking
> for volunteers" path, and that it didn't work out too well.

This is just dead wrong, as Fred wrote recently. We had enormous
success finding skilled (Python) programmers as volunteers. As have
hundreds or thousands of projects you can find on SourceForge and other
sites. What we need is clearer organization of goals... and yeah,
probably a few paid software managers and the like.

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