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>Subject: RE: Hand Recounts of votes recorded on DREs
>Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 21:38:27 -0600
>As far as I know, the DREs of the main vendors all can print reports
>containing each individual CVR. This is currently used in Florida
>when a manual recount of undervoted and overvoted ballots is
>mandatory if the loser in a race is within 1/4 of a percent of the
>winner. All ballots must be reviewed. paper and DRE. This ability
>is also a requirement in our P1583 standard.
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>Subject: Hand Recounts of votes recorded on DREs
>Currently, Washington State is engaged in a hand recount in the race
>for governor. Some of the counties in Washington State use DREs.
>What specifications are there in the IEEE P1583 drafts for a standard
>for extracting Cast Vote Records from each of the individual DREs,
>including obtaining each of the various copies of each Cast Vote
>Record on each of the DREs, in the absence of an AVVPAT for each DRE?
>What support is there for auditing DREs in the absence of an AVVPAT
>for each DRE? It seems to me that there should be a requirement for
>being able to extract all of the Cast Vote Records from each of the
>DREs, including the various copies of each of these CVRs, in order to
>support hand recounts.
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