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Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 01:41:42 CST

The following is my personal opinion and not official OVC policy.

The best approach for satisfying HAVA deadlines is precinct-based
optical scan systems with Electronic Ballot Markers for disabled

The OVC will likely NOT be able to produce a certified system in time
for the expected RFP's in the spring and summer of 2004. We don't
have a delivery infrastructure either.

I know Alan doesn't agree with my opinions here (which I have
discussed here earlier), but I know that others within the
voter-verified paper community do agree with me.

"The best is the enemy of the good." --Voltaire

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At 10:16 PM -0800 12/5/04, Ed Kennedy wrote:
>Hello Fellow Omidyar Correspondents:
>Can anyone add to this? This is under the smoke alarm subject matter.
>Hello David,
>Several states are involved in this process. Kathy Dopp is working
>on the same issue in Utah. Her web site is,
><<>>. I will once
>again plug, OVC,
>as they are work on this from the software, hardware and legal end.
>They have a good web site.
>Even without all these people in motion there are things you can do
>on your own. Some the useful things you can do yourself are:
>1. Educate your self. Both these sites above have useful links to
>sites like Black Box voting. Some of the laws and issues regarding
>voting can seem a little arcane. You need to be up on these so you
>can't be snowed by some vendor or some 'expert'.
>2. Write letter(so) to the editor explaining the problem as you
>understand it.
>3. Get acquainted with your County Registrar of Voters and the laws
>they work under. I live in California and the State's law are on
>the web and are searchable. I hope many other states have similar
>4. Get the laws and/or specifications for voting equipment in your
>state written to require VVPAT (voter verified paper audit trail)
>and preferably that the paper document is the actual legal ballot.
>5. Also get the laws and/or specifications for voting equipment to
>be Open Source. Just putting the proprietary code into Escrow isn't
>enough. The code has to be available on paper or on the web for
>anyone to look at.
>6. Insist that voting equipment not, repeat NOT, be networked
>together and that it be based on commodity PC's.
>6. Stick with it. Commercial computing equipment does not last
>twenty years. Computers are usually technologically obsolete in two
>years. Before you say it, "The sooner the better," is a sentiment I
>agree with.
>7. Is this all? Heck no, but that's enough for tonight.
>Thanks, Ed Kennedy
>By <>David Goldbrenner (2)
><>Sun, 05 Dec 2004
>13:45:46 PST
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>Joyce Mc Cloy said:
>North Carolina activist here again, we need to head off the private
>vendors at the pass. Our Chief of Elections wants to make North
>Carolina voting systems more universal like Maryland and Georgia.
>(both have Diebold TS!)
>That is my worst nightmare.
>Must have something to offer that makes sense and is fully developed.
>This is critical. Once a state spends $100 million on new systems it
>will be incredibly hard to dislodge. Do we really want to wait 20
>years for the next technology cycle? We need a viable open
>alternative NOW. The thought of more entire states using Diebold TS
>terrifies me. Joyce, is there any way we out of staters can help in
>the lobbying? Can we work to identify what states around the country
>are in the same position (Facing a big adoption?)
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