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From: Ed Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 00:16:04 CST

Hello Fellow Omidyar Correspondents:

Can anyone add to this? This is under the smoke alarm subject matter.

Hello David,

Several states are involved in this process. Kathy Dopp is working on the same issue in Utah. Her web site is, <>. I will once again plug, OVC, <> as they are work on this from the software, hardware and legal end. They have a good web site.

Even without all these people in motion there are things you can do on your own. Some the useful things you can do yourself are:

1. Educate your self. Both these sites above have useful links to sites like Black Box voting. Some of the laws and issues regarding voting can seem a little arcane. You need to be up on these so you can't be snowed by some vendor or some 'expert'.
2. Write letter(so) to the editor explaining the problem as you understand it.
3. Get acquainted with your County Registrar of Voters and the laws they work under. I live in California and the State's law are on the web and are searchable. I hope many other states have similar arrangements.
4. Get the laws and/or specifications for voting equipment in your state written to require VVPAT (voter verified paper audit trail) and preferably that the paper document is the actual legal ballot.
5. Also get the laws and/or specifications for voting equipment to be Open Source. Just putting the proprietary code into Escrow isn't enough. The code has to be available on paper or on the web for anyone to look at.
6. Insist that voting equipment not, repeat NOT, be networked together and that it be based on commodity PC's.
6. Stick with it. Commercial computing equipment does not last twenty years. Computers are usually technologically obsolete in two years. Before you say it, "The sooner the better," is a sentiment I agree with.
7. Is this all? Heck no, but that's enough for tonight.

Thanks, Ed Kennedy



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Joyce Mc Cloy said:

  North Carolina activist here again, we need to head off the private vendors at the pass. Our Chief of Elections wants to make North Carolina voting systems more universal like Maryland and Georgia. (both have Diebold TS!)

  That is my worst nightmare.

  Must have something to offer that makes sense and is fully developed.

This is critical. Once a state spends $100 million on new systems it will be incredibly hard to dislodge. Do we really want to wait 20 years for the next technology cycle? We need a viable open alternative NOW. The thought of more entire states using Diebold TS terrifies me. Joyce, is there any way we out of staters can help in the lobbying? Can we work to identify what states around the country are in the same position (Facing a big adoption?)

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