Re: OVC opportunity in Utah

From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_at_directell_dot_com>
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 22:38:14 CST

Kathy Dopp said:
> OVC has a big opportunity in Utah now where Lt. Governor Elect Gary
> Herbert has already met with Alan Dechert and is favorably inclined to
> OVC system.
> This means that the voting equipment selection process will be restarted
> in January under the incoming Lt. Governor Elect Gary Herbert.

FYI, In Utah the Lt. Governor is in charge of Elections and selects voting
equipment for the entire state.

I have Lt. Governor Elect Gary Herbert's office, and cell phone numbers
and Gary Herbert (who is now Utah County Commissioner) promised me that he
would meet with me after the election, while he was still Governor Elect.

That means that we urgently need Alan Dechert to travel to Utah in the
next few weeks to meet with myself and Lt. Governor Elect Herbert BEFORE
Jan 1 to discuss implementation of an OVC project here.

> We just need to find a PhD computer scientist now to be a PI in Utah and
> lead the customization of OVC for Utah and accept HAVA funds to do so.

We would need to ask Utah for $200,000 for this seven month project (Jan
to Jul) I figure:

$100,000 to nationally certify OVC's software
$50,000 for Alan Dechert's salary and travel expenses to Utah
$50,000 for hardware and other research expenses and for paying for the
Utah customization of OVC's software by a Utah PhD researcher (PI)

Here is the proposed schedule:

Proposed Schedule:
Jan 2004 Project start
May 2005 OVC Pilot Test — Advisory or Unofficial Election
July 2005 Evaluation of Pilot Test 1
July 2005 Decision: OVC model vs. updated DRE/Release RFP
Nov 2005 Utah Pilot Test— Local Election
Dec 2005 Certification — County Canvassing System
Jun 2006 Utah State-Wide Production Use — Primary Election
Nov 2006 Utah State-Wide Production Use — General Election

Ofcourse Utah's adoption of the first seven months of this project would
mean that other states may follow during the same time period.


Kathy Dopp

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