Re: Call for help from North Carolina

From: Keith Copenhagen <K_at_copetech_dot_com>
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 16:44:08 CST


I'm feeling like the new kid on the block, But I think OVC needs to have a
soup to nuts vision
 from procedures for managing the integrity of voter rolls, to the canvass
and recounts.

 From where I sit like there is singularity at the point of casting a
That is the moment of that drives everything and if OVC limits itself to
ballot marking
(i.e. competing with a pencil) it sells itself and the open vision


On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 13:01:21 -0800 (PST), Edmund R. Kennedy
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> By Joyce Mc Cloy (10) +|-, Thu, 02 Dec 2004 12:26:45 PST
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> Edmund R. Kennedy, PE said:
> Hello All:
> OK. A proposal is now made that people support the Open Voting
> Consortium in its efforts. Let me further propose that support be
> according to interest, time and capactiy. The support would be to
> provide one full time executive for the consortium and the immediate
> goal would be to make an electronic voting machine that produces
> ballots, uses open source software, runs on 'commodity' computers and
> also makes a back up electronic record according to ideas under
> development at
> Any seconds or am I going about this the wrong way? At the moment, this
> topic seems to ran out of steam and I'm hoping to jump start it this way.
> Thanks, Ed Kennedy
> We in North Carolina would like to be able to propose an open source
> code election system as soon as possible.
> Our General Assembly has appointed an Electronic Voting Commission to
> evaluate having VVPB. We have 2 good activists on this Commission. If we
> can offer a federally certified open source solution, there is a chance
> we can throw out the corrupt vendors embedded in our election process.
> We will not have such a good opportunity later.
> Time is of essence, though. See my website to see
> how bad things are in North Carolina.

Keith Copenhagen
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