Need to Split Voting-project List

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sun Dec 21 2003 - 17:07:51 CST

I think there is a need to split the voting-project email list. No decision
has been made on this yet but after a long talk with David Jefferson today,
I think this is clearly needed.

Last summer, after regularly conversing with a number of people via email
for some period of time, it became obvious we needed to have an email
list -- it was becoming difficult and awkward to know who to include on the
reply list. Arthur Keller took the initiative to create the list. He
called it the "voting-project" list. At that time, I almost said "let's not
call it that... it should be more like "demo-development-team."

In the beginning, almost all of the list email was focused on who would do
what in order to bring about a successful demo.

Now, five months later, almost all of the discussion is about the
"voting-project" and almost none of it is about how to get the demo done.

I'm not saying this is bad. I'm glad to have people working on all aspects
of the overall enterprise that is the OVC. Lately, I've taken to saying
stuff on this list like, "we need to focus on the demo." I've concluded
this is futile.

So, I want to leave the voting-project list as it is, but take the
discussion of the demo development to a separate list. Only people directly
and actively involved in the demo will be on the list. A few people will be
on both lists. David Mertz certainly has to be on both. I will be on
both -- maybe Arthur too. But this new list (call it tentatively
"demo-development" ) will focus on the demo. For this new list, I don't
want any posts like, "here's a great article about VoteThere technology".
The discuss will be strictly about getting the demo done. Other discussion
should be taken anywhere except the demo-development list.

So we will need list administration and archives for this new list. I'm not
sure if we need to use the same people and sites for administration and
archives -- whatever works. But I think we need this ASAP.


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