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Date: Fri Dec 19 2003 - 15:22:32 CST

I'll second Doug on this -- we don't need much in the way of graphics
(perhaps a logo), but we need a consistent site design and page design. I
look forward to working with Chris (and everyone else working on the site)
to tune things up.

I'd like to generate a list of things to do on the web site, so that we can
create a plan.

I'll start with a few items that have come up in emails (or from looking at
the site). I'm sure it's incomplete, so please reply with additions. I'll
collect them into the Wiki (

- About OVC Page: List the directors and members of the OVC. Need bio's and
photo's for each person.
- History: Reverse the chronology so that most recent events are on top.
- FAQ: Need to continue collecting FAQ's, make 'branding' consistent with
OVC site, link into OVC site.
- Wiki: Need to link into OVC site.
- News: I'd suggest using a "blog" or "nuke" style system so that we can
easily add items as news events occur.
- EVM2003: Project page should link more prominently to OVM site, and vice

I'd suggest that first we try to collect a list of what we want to tackle,
then we can assign owners, etc.

- LP
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On Dec 19, 2003, at 12:28 PM, Alan Dechert wrote:

> We have two big milestones coming up (announcement about OVC
> formation, and
> the demo). We have a lot of work to do to get our web site (Front
> Door) in
> shape.

I looked at these sites, and they are clean, although I want
to emphasize that we have far more need for content than we
have for presentation graphics. Rollovers on the links that
make things flash are hardly ever necessary, and the effort
needed to make them work is hardly ever worth it, particularly
when it is content that really drives the show during the
startup process.

Graphic artists do matter even in a "flash free" web site,
because the experience of the right graphic artist can steer
the presentation away from becoming "unreadable fog" on the
screen, get things divided up sensibly, aid good navigation
and understand how to navigate the browser war.

One thing that impressed me about the sites
was that, while they made use of flashy features like
rollovers, it worked correctly under ICAB -- this suggests
that his style of use of these features is conservative;
he's not one of those web designers who makes web pages
that only work if you buy the latest Microsoft product and
enable all the security loopholes in it.

                        Doug Jones

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