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Looks like we have FAQ # 31: "What's in the bar code?"

Point of clarification: the "116 bit number" is really however many bits is
required to encode the votes for a particular ballot, right? So if there are
fewer things to vote on, or fewer options, it would be shorter, and vice

- LP
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> > Makes sense. Is there a spec somewhere for how the vote is encoded
> > into the barcode?
> I think Alan produced a pretty good description on the list.
Well, I wrote this in response to a similar question from Karl:


> Basically, each bubble on the ballot is represented by one bit (this is
> not maximally concise, of course). Then that 116-bit number is
> converted to a 40-digit decimal number (I guess that's how the size
> works out). ......
Minor detail: the 116-bit number is converted to a 36 digit number.
Actually, it only takes 35 decimal digits maximum to convert the 116-bit
number but we have to add a leading zero because Character set C of Code 128
barcode encodes only pairs of digits.

The other 4 digits you are thinking of is the ballot ID.


Alan D.

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