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Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 14:11:58 CST

OK, here's another attempt on this one:

The system will support blind voters, providing a Blind-Accessible Ballot
System for entering votes and printing the ballots, and the Bar Code
Vocalization Station for scanning ballots and ensuring that they are

The Blind-Accessible Ballot System will use the same data files as the
Standard Ballot system, and will generate identical printed ballots that
will be
counted identically with other ballots.

The system will be equipped with recorded spoken messages, headphones,
and a keyboard, allowing the blind voter to have the system read to them
without any loss of privacy. After printing, blind voters' ballots are
placed in a privacy folder, with only the non-human readable barcode

After filling out a ballot, sighted voters can visually inspect their
before submitting them. Blind voters may confirm that their ballots are
correct by using
a Bar Code Vocalization station. This station will scan their ballot's
and read their votes back to them (using headphones).
This station will be a separate system, with no connection to the voting
machine, so that it is
truly an independent confirmation of the ballot.

You can see a demo of this system at

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